Essential Oils: Gym Bag Makeover

All Natural Gym Bag Makeover

People are discovering that essential oils are beneficial for more and more things all the time. Did you know that essential oils can not only be good for you but also for a gym bag makeover? Here are some benefits of including essential oils in your exercise plan.

Essential Oils Are Beneficial To Your Exercise Routine

If you participate in sports or if you work out regularly, it’s a good idea to include some essential oils to your gym bag to help you stay in shape. Many oils have antiseptic, and pain relieving properties and are good for preventing minor injuries such as sprains and muscle sprains. They can even help improve your stamina. If the idea of aromatherapy is new to you as a method of recovering from minor sports injuries, it’s time for a gym bag makeover!

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Essential Oils Are Great For a Workout Massage, Add Them To Your Gym Bag Makeover

A workout massage is an essential part of exercise, both before and after a workout. A pre-workout massage will help stretch your muscles and get them warmed up which will help prevent muscle strain. A workout massage after exercising helps cool down your muscles properly. Part of a good gym bag makeover should include your own massage oil mixture by combining grape seed oil, sweet almond oil or hazelnut oil. Mix about 30 drops of grape seed oil into an ounce of either the hazelnut or sweet almond oil. You should mix it together in a dark-colored glass bottle because the oils should not have prolonged exposure to light.

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A Gym Bag Makeover That Includes Essential Oils Enhances Performance

Besides preventing injuries, essential oils will give a boost to your overall performance at the gym or wherever you’re exercising. Exercise in general is beneficial because your body needs good blood circulation to get oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and organs in your body. So whatever kind of exercise you’re into, essential oils help keep that good circulation going. For good blood and oxygen circulation during exercise, use essential oils that have stimulant properties such as: Cyprus, cedar, lemon and black pepper. Adding a few drops of these stimulant oils to your favorite carrier oil and rubbing them into your skin about 60 minutes before your workout will help your blood and oxygen circulation.

Making Essential Oils a Part of a Gym Bag Makeover to Keep Things Clean and Fresh

If you find that you have a bad aroma problem with your gym bag or your shoes, essential oils can help alleviate that problem. Not only do they help clear up bad smells, they can also prevent bacteria growth. You can mix about 1 cup of baking soda into the same amount of cornstarch than to that mixture add about ten drops of bergamot oil and another ten drops of sandalwood oil. Mix it gently but thoroughly then gently sift it. Sprinkle some of the powder into your workout shoes, and into the inside of your gym bag. Let it sit overnight then vacuum everything thoroughly. It works wonderfully and you’ll be amazed at the results.  Now, you have the makings of a great gym bag makeover – and you can add to this as much as you like.

If this interests you at all, visit this website that has the best essential oils for you.  There are other recipes you can make with essential oils that are much better for your health than the ugly chemicals that are concocted.

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