Multiple Streams Of Income To Conquer The Stress Of Not Enough

Multiple streams of incomeToo many times, I find people saying things that are negative based on their current situation of not having multiple streams of income already setup.  This is a strategy that needs to be taught to all teenagers in our school system and the fact of the matter is that it’s not even on the radar.

As you can see, our country is beginning to look a lot less invincible as it once was and that goes for all areas.  But if you’re like me in the financial realm (I do like seeing smart financial gurus running around), then you’re on the ball about diversifying your nest egg and making sure there is always going to be something for your family to live on and then even more than that.

I’d like to encourage you to watch this short video on how you can start to pick something up and run with it until you’re making the kind of money you want from just one source, then diversify that as much as you can.

Different Options In Building Your Entrepreneurial Empire

Here’s 10 suggestions that can help you start diversifying your life.

  1. Start Selling on eBay – Granted this can be more leg work than it’s worth unless you have a system in place to take care of all the shipping, packaging, and other monotonous chores.  However this can be great for immediate cash flow and you can easily sell things you no longer want that still has value.
  2. Start a Brick and Mortar business –   Usually people that have a bit of money stored up will take this route knowing that it’s going to take at least 3-5 years to start making any type of money.  This option will take the local community to support your ideas, which is why it will take some time to succeed with this model of business.
  3. Start an online business – There are many types of businesses out there on the internet and although there are some scams that you don’t want to get stuck in, most of the businesses are honest people working their butts off to become successful.  So if you’re going to do that you may want to start selling affiliate products through commission junction or clickbank.  These are 2 of the biggest platforms to help others sell their products to people.The online affiliate model is more than just selling one product after another.  You’ll want to sell something that is a renewable resource rather than a one time shot.  Although the one time sale can be quite lucrative, you’ll need a residual income, which is why you will need a blog to start promoting your affiliate products as well as a place to call your home on the internet.  Here’s a few ideas you can do online for fast cash:
    1. – a place for the techie to do some testing for the developers on their newly created apps.
    2. – This is usually for those that have extra time but not enough money such as college students in their off time that can do things such as run errands, join a team of workers to help get a project done in the business world or for a private party.
    3. Elance, Fiverr, Freelancer, Odesk.  Pick up jobs for entrepreneurs and businesses around the world as a designer, coder, graphic artist, or anything that is online related. FYI: Odesk is now part of eLance
    4. Bing rewards:  That’s right, Bing is now paying you to drop google and start using their search engine.  It’s worth your time to check it out and for the very sake of getting different types of results that google doesn’t or won’t provide to you.
    5. BookScouter:  If you are a book enthusiast this might be a tougher option for you.  To make money you need to find books that are sold at thrift stores for dirt cheap and then sell them for a higher price.  For instance, you may find a book being sold for $.50 and then you turn around and sell that same book for $3-$5.  It’s your job to find the book at a garage sale or a thrift store that has clearance on books.  Use your smart phone to scan the book and get instant results on which books to buy and sell.
    6. Online Surveys:  There are many sites out in the land of the internet where you can get paid to take surveys.  Such sites include: EPoll, Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, Global Test Market and many others.
    7. Blogging:  This may be one of the most intensive (at first) and yet profitable solutions to making money because you can do this on auto pilot after you get your blog all setup and have written about 10 blogs.  Blogging is a multi-billion dollar per year business.  I have met a few bloggers that have made over a million dollars in the last 18 months.  It’s all in the power of relationships and providing value to your readers.  Get a money making blog and take the 21 day blogging challenge and start making money with your blog in as little as 21 days.

There are many more opportunities to create multiple streams of income that you can do.  None of them will be a viable option if you’re a lazy person or procrastinate.

So, get your thinking juices going and think of something you would enjoy doing. Then, get your blog all setup, and get some blog posts up for people to read. REMEMBER:  a blog is a FREE method of promotion in which you get to suggest to people what you believe in and would like them to buy without sounding like a spam machine.

In today’s society, it’s not a suggestion to use multiple streams of income, it’s required for abundant wealth.  The only caveat to this statement is that you MUST work on one project at a time.  Get each one up and running smoothly then take on a new project.

Make it a great day!


Jon McCaw




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