Why Am I Promoting and Living The WakeUpNow Lifestyle?

WakeUpNow Lifestyle is truly the way to go when you want to start having PAY-cations

Thanks for showing up to find out more about how you can start having your very own PAYcations in exotic places like Cancun, Mexico!  There are plenty other areas on the planet you can visit as well – but it seems like everyone wants to go to Cancun at some point in their lives.

WakeUpNow Lifestyle has its benefitswakeupnow lifestyle








Watch this video to see if the WakeUpNow Lifestyle is right for you!

Here’s the biggest reasons I joined the WakeUpNow Lifestyle

  • Most people don’t know how to make money online let alone offline.  Because of this, I joined a team of people who know the basics of building a team and aren’t stingy with this knowledge.
  • If you know how to make money in the network marketing space you know that to make money you need to have a team of people where the money flows upwards to the top money earners.
  • WakeUpNow business is set up to allow really good marketers to help their team out with team placements and that is good for everyone!
  • Team culture is amazing and we honestly want you to succeed!
  • You get 3 people and you break free (you’re in profit mode now)
  • you get 12 people to make 600 per month on autopilot!
  • Duplicate this process with your 3 and so on and the money keeps flowing
  • Those 3 people/12 people can come from anywhere up-line or from you.  It doesn’t matter!
  • If you’re new and have never made money with the Network Marketing space before, I encourage you to really check this out!

That’s just the top of the cake for me and why I’m living the wakeupnow lifestyle.

Is This WakeUpNow Lifestyle a Scam?

How is this for proof? 





Helping others,

wakeupnow lifestyle

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Bless that which you want

Bless Not Curse What You Want

This is a principal that is found throughout scriptures. It’s amazing that so many Christians don’t even realize that this is a principal that will cause them to go from broke to rich, poverty to abundance, in every case.  When you figure out your niche market (usually something that you enjoy doing) and then you add your ability to bless, you are going to be successful!

The biggest reason people fail in business is due to one tough decision that is made. I call it the “I QUIT” syndrome. It’s nothing more than a decision to listen to the “haters” or the “poverty minded”, or those that are jealous that they aren’t getting what you’re about to.

blessDo yourself a favor, and DO NOT QUIT!

The next thing that you need to do is:  Join me. 

After you join, I’ll send you instructions on what to do next and how we can connect to get your plan of action started.

When you have a mentor and a coach that knows the in’s and out’s of the online business, as well as having a heart to bless others — and you’re coachable, there is absolutely no reason to hesitate.  I have a system that is in place that will take you from ZERO to 10k/month in 90 days!

Get on board and start your financial change now.  This is a business that can literally multiply your money over night.  It’s all about your attitude and the “why” you bless people.

I look forward to serving you,

wakeupnow lifestyle




P.S. Connect with me on my fanpage on facebook.  This is where you will be able to follow me and what I’m up to during the week with more regular posts!

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System Tools to Promote Your Wake Up Now Marketing Business

Wake Up Marketing Helps the New Person Step Into Online Business Like a Pro

wake up now marketing

One of the best things you can do for a business that is solely on the internet is to have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to help you promote your business.  Wake up now marketing has taken this to a whole new level with the beta of its marketing tools.  Here’s a quick intro to how they work and why they can and do help you build your wake up now business faster – even if you get the “I have no money” objection.

Get your marketing account here

Wake Up Now Marketing Works

So when you see how well these tools work, you will be sold and you will want to buy into these tools that wake up now marketing has delivered on.

If you found this post to be valuable to you, please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT to help spread the knowledge to others needing a boost in their marketing!

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How to Lower Your Tax Responsibility

Lower Your Taxes to Get Ahead in Life

You’re probably thinking, like I was that getting a refund at the end of the year means that you aren’t paying as much taxes as the next guy who had to pay at the end of the year.  I’m here to tell you that this is one of the biggest fallacies you could ever believe.

Lower your taxesThe best way to lower your taxes is to find a way to lower the tax responsibility you owe.  For most that means getting a business of some kind.

Here, Sandy Botkin shows why it’s important to have a business and how to save using that business through out the year!

Why Do I Need to Lower my Taxes

Start your own business for $99

Now that you see the reason why to have a business, now lets look at the how part of the question…

How Do I Save Money with a Business?

Start your own business for $99

So like the commercial so cleverly done by Capital One says, “What’s in your wallet?” I’m sure the IRS is more interested in that than you are if you’re not finding ways to keep it in your possession.

Take a step in the right direction and start your business now and reap the benefits of your business.

Your new business comes with a program that will revolutionize your tax savings through mobile expense records (you get an app to allow you to mark it down right there on the spot).  You’ll also get the ability to connect the taxbot to your accounts to import your expenses so you’re not spending hours on end manually putting your expenses into the taxbot.

When you’re done with your taxbot import you can treat yourself to a vacation to somewhere exotic, or dreamy using the vacation club that’s available to you with your business. This is where it all pays off to lower your taxes!

How to Vacation like a PRO!

Start your business off right for just $99

Make it a great day,

lower your taxes

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4 Steps to Writing a Blog for Profit

Blog for Profit Using a Simple 4 Step Process to Success

create a blogIt’s one of those things where you feel like you have plenty to say but you are looking for a platform to say these thoughts, feelings, and advice you have been storing in your head.  It’s a good thing that the internet has given so many of us the chance to write these things out and share them with the world.  We can create a blog now and advertise it to our family and friends on social media.  So the real questions are:

  • How do I create a blog?
  • Will it cost me to create a blog? 
  • What do I do after I create a blog?

Not sure how to create a blog?

So you want to create a blog, but you have reservations about it for some reason, right?  Are you one that’s been saying, “it’s too hard to do” or “maybe when I can afford to pay a tech guy to set it up for me” or perhaps you are so resolved in your quest to get a blog added to your online business that you delve in only to find out that you took one too many wrong turns and are now lost – and think this is a bad idea.

FEAR NOT!! A Blog For Profit is Not a Tough Thing to Setup

Step 1 – Get Your Technology Setup (watch video below)

Step 2: Install WordPress as Your Blogging Platform for Success

This is a key component to getting your blogging off and running.  I’m one that takes this stuff and implements this without a thought, but I know that some people shutter at the thought of setting up a new blog.  So, I’m going to make this as painless as possible for you – a “one stop shop” approach if you will.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and get this WordPress setup, so you can start blogging!

I mentioned in the video above about getting an email from your hosting company.  This would be from some company like WebHostingPad, GoDaddy, or like in this screenshot below, HostGator.  You’ll need to log into your hosting account so that you will see a screen of your new CPANEL, which is a shortened version of Control Panel (see image 1).

image 1

blog for profit

When you are logged into your CPanel, the next step will be to install WordPress.  Seems to be moving right along – and it is!!  So in the screen below you will be either going to click on the “Fantasico” icon (image 3) or “Softaculous” (image 2) is used with other web hosts.


image 2

blog for profit

 Image 3

blog for profit


Great! Now it’s all coasting from here on out!  We are in the business of installing WordPress to your website!

Now because there are different softwares used to install WordPress (as shown above), I’m going to show you just the Softaculous version since it’s more common these days and is a newer method than fantasico.

When you have opened up Softaculous, you are now ready to start installing any “apps” that you want to add to your website.  Since we are installing a blog we are going to choose “WordPress” for this tutorial.

image 4

blog for profit

After you click the WordPress icon, you will be on the next page to install the software to your domain.  You can leave everything as is, and let the automation do its thing.

Note:  Be Double sure to input your best email address as this is where the finished installation details will be emailed.  Don’t lose this email!

Your installation is now complete and you have a blog!

Step 3 – Getting Your Blog Noticed

One of the questions stated above is “How much will this blog cost me?”  By now, I’m sure you have spent the money to get your blog setup by purchasing services, and products to get this going.  What you probably don’t realize is that there are more details to keeping your blog in tip-top shape in regards to speed.  Yes, that is a huge part of whether or not your visitors will ever return to your blog.  So, there can be additional costs involved in keeping your blog up and running fast enough to keep people coming back to your website.

There’s another part of getting people to come to your website and that is syndication – at first.  You will need to tell people who you have a blog or it won’t get noticed amongst the internet-o-sphere.  To operate a blog that brings in money and is a blog for profit, you will need to know how to do the art of promotion (get people to your site) and also the art of SEO.

Fortunately, there are tools to help with SEO to get your blog posts to rank on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo!  Trust me on this one thing – you will NEED those tools to give you that slight advantage over others.

Syndication consists of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Syndication (Telling as many people about your new blog / blog post that you can as soon as possible!  You worked hard in getting this all setup and putting more effort into getting your first blog post published – so start by telling your family and friends.

Use Social Media to start your announcement of your blog creation!  Be open about your intentions with the blog and if it’s to start to blog for profit then tell them – they will follow you and see how well you do, because we all want to see success, right!!

Step 4 – Goal Attained

The last step to getting your blog going is to actually sit down and blog about the keywords that you found using the google keyword planner or if you chose to get the market samurai free trial.  This really is the moment you have been waiting for and I really hope that you CRUSH IT!  Remember the key to blogging success is consistency for at least the next 90 days.

I know you went through a long struggle getting everything setup – and it’s very commendable that you did this.  As I mentioned in the post at the beginning, your blog will – almost inherently start to slow down.  It’s like these blogs are some how, some way integrated into computers with a bug to make them go slow – ha ha.

All kidding aside…

I recommend you keep the plug-ins to a minimum as they can slow your blog down.  There are some great plug-ins that you could almost say “I NEED” those plug-ins but really consider what your outcome and goal is before striking.

On the flip side, we all know that there are free sites out there like blogger (run by google), WordPress (free account), and many others.  However, the draw back to those is that you lose out on customization, and the content is no longer your content.  If they decide to shut down the site, you have a limited time (sometimes) to get your data backed up – then what do you do with it?  There are lots of unknowns that just take a lot of time to get answered.

Another option you have is to get a high-ranking website that offers blogging services and the training on how to market your blog so that you can make money.  Now, this is only for a select few but if you’re one of them – and your ultimate goal is to make a lot of money with your blog…


Follow me over to my money-making, educational, and sometimes funny blog that is already setup once you sign up for your account.  There’s absolutely no maintenance, and the site is ranked in the top 300 in the world.  Upon arriving at the link destination (keep your arms, legs, and luggage on your lap – and in case of a crash landing – restart your computer).

Seriously though…

You’re going to need to do the following…

  1. Watch the FREE Video
  2. Click the Button below the video
  3. Sign up for your 30 day money back guaranteed blog through Empower Network

That’s the end all that is in blogging.  The amount of information that is there for the beginning to intermediate blogger is absolutely mind-boggling!

And you get it all for a mere $25/month!!

Well I hope that you found this blog post to be informative and helpful at the same time.  I encourage your participation by leaving a comment, sharing it out to your social following, and liking this post!

Happy Blogging,





P.S.  Get started with a new blog and receive a discount when you buy through this link!  

P.P.S.  I’ve put together a list of things you get with your $45 trial in Empower Network.  http://jonmccawblog.info <===Click here to learn how to blog for profit

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